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Roof Blinds


Coolscreen cassetted roof roller blinds, combined with the superb and exclusive Solar 'R' fabric, are without doubt the highest performing roof blinds available today.
  • Will reflect up to 85% of the sun's harmful and damaging rays
  • Guaranteed to cut out the glare - without blacking out the sun completely
  • Reduces the heat in your conservatory to a comfortable level
  • Suitable for most shapes and styles of conservatory
  • Will not sag or curl
  • 14 popular colours - all in "wipe clean" polyester fabrics with a solar-reflective backing
  • Cassettes hide unsightly rollers, brackets and pulleys, and can be finished to any BS colour to match your conservatory
  • Various control options


Energi roof roller blinds provide a less refined, and therefore cheaper, alternative to Coolscreen, for the smaller or less technically demanding installation, and will suit the "tighter" budget.

  • Cord operation
  • Pelmet covers available in white or brown
  • Reflective-backed fabrics